Crunch Game Activity Materials

A macroinvertebrate collage image for use with the Crunch Game activity.Included below are links to all the files necessary to run the Crunch Game activity discussed in MSP workshops. Email MSP Coordinator Rayelynn Connole ( if you have trouble downloading the files, and she will send via email. These materials will eventually be posted to the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program website at as well.

Crunch Game Lesson Plan.doc(443.5 KB)
Crunch Game Rules.docx(265.43 KB)
Labels.doc(39 KB)
Bald Eagle.docx(47.14 KB)
Bull trout.docx(104.84 KB)
explaination KB)
minnow.docx(66.43 KB)
plankton.docx(165.11 KB)
Pollution.docx(184.85 KB)
Rainstorm.docx(58.11 KB)
baldeagle.jpg(35.88 KB)
Bull Trout.jpg(38.78 KB)
macroinvertebrate_collage.jpg(48.13 KB)
minnow.bmp(960.05 KB)
plankton.jpg(17.31 KB)
pollution 2.jpg(30.31 KB)
pollution.bmp(1.2 MB)
pollution.jpg(55.11 KB)


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