Extension Activities

There are many opportunities to extend and expand the activities listed in this module. Several examples are listed below.

Extension 1

Soil Profile/Soil Card Lesson from NRCS: This simple lesson plan shows how to make soil cards from soil profiles.

Extension 2

The Dirt on Soil from Discovery Education: Take a virtual microscopic safari through the soil. Perfect for elementary students. Also includes basic soil information geared toward elementary students, and a field guide.

Extension 3

The GLOBE Program Soils Teacher’s Guide: Protocols targeted at K-12 students for measuring free carbonates and pH, soil particle density and size, water infiltration into soils, gravimetric measurement of soil moisture, and soil fertility.

Extension 4

Use a Munsell soil color chart to quantitatively determine soil color (will cost about $115, available from different distributors such as www.forestry-suppliers.com, www.benmeadows.com, www.wardsci.com or Ebay).

Extension 5

Soil Science Society of America Educational Resources: The Soil Science Society of America’s K-12 committee has reviewed many sites, and compiled a list of online resources found to have high quality materials for lessons and activities at different grade levels. Organized by subject and grade level.


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