Landscape Resources

A Sampling of Suggested Resources for the Integration of Indian Education and Science (pdf) from the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Geologic squeeze boxes can be purchased on line for $25 + shipping from Rodney’s Homepage for Earth Science Teachers: This is a fabulous web site created by Helena High School teacher Rod Benson. […]

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Landscape Glossary

Alluvial Fan Arête Atmosphere Chemical Weathering Cirque Compressional Tectonics Convection Delta Deposition Elevation Erosion Gradient Hydrosphere Landforms Lithosphere Physical Weathering Relief Soil Tectonic Extension Tectonic Forces Topographic Profiles Topography Transcurrent Tectonics Uplift Weathering

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Extension Activities

There are many opportunities to extend and expand the activities listed in this module. Several examples are listed below. Extension 1 United States Geological Survey – Schoolyard Geology Lesson Plans: These are well documented, very accessible, and cover a wide variety of geologic topics. Extension 2 Unit on Erosion: Wind, water and ice erosion lessons […]

The MSP project is funded by an ESEA, Title II Part B Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant through the Montana Office of Public Instruction. MSP was developed by the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program and faculty from Montana Tech of The University of Montana and Montana State University, with support from other Montana University System Faculty.