Extension Activities

There are many opportunities to extend and expand the activities listed in this module. Several examples are listed below.

Extension 1

Drop in the Bucket Activity: From Project WET, this straightforward activity is a fun and easy way to illustrate the relative scarcity of freshwater on Earth, and the importance of protecting our water resources.

Extension 2

Water Quality and Dissolved Oxygen: From the Science Junction website, this page includes three lesson plans involving dissolved oxygen and water quality.

Extension 3

Pollution Solutions: From the EPA, in this lesson students will learn some of the ways water is polluted and will simulate the steps in the water-treatment process.

Extension 4

One in a Million: From the EPA, in this lesson students will perform a dilution experiment demonstrating how a substance in solution can have differing concentrations.

Extension 5

Water Cycle Relay: From the EPA, in this lesson students will review the important steps in the water cycle.

Extension 6

USGS Water Lessons: From the USGS, on this page you will find general information, place-based resources and lessons about water.


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