Water Quality Impacts: Point Source

In the short videos on the next several pages, Matt Vincent illustrates impacts to water quality at several different western Montana sites, starting with point source impacts. Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download.   In this short video, Matt Vincent illustrates a second type of point source impact to water quality. Right-click or ctrl-click […]

Water Quality Parameters: Conductivity & Hardness

Two other important chemical parameters to understand in water quality monitoring are conductivity and hardness. Conductivity is a measure of a solution’s ability to conduct electricity, and therefore a measure of the water’s ionic activity and content. The more dissolved salts in water, the higher its ionic content, or conductivity.  Conductivity is a good measure […]


Most archaeans don’t look that different from bacteria under the microscope. The extreme conditions under which most species of archaea live has made them difficult to culture, so their unique place among living organisms long went unrecognized. However, biochemically and genetically, they are as different from bacteria as you are. They are not Bacteria, they […]

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