Wrapping Petri Dishes in Parafilm

Parafilm is a flexible film, available in several different lengths and widths. It is commonly used for sealing or protecting containers, like our Petri dishes. It will help to ensure that our samples do not become contaminated by outside substances. First, don’t get frustrated if the parafilm rips, and realize that this is a technique […]

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Colonizing & Culturing Microbes

In this module, we will culture microbe colonies from our soil samples in order to determine what is living in our soil. In biology, a colony refers to several individual organisms of the same species living closely together, usually for mutual benefit. A bacterial colony (or colony of other microorganisms) is a cluster of organisms […]

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The MSP project is funded by an ESEA, Title II Part B Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant through the Montana Office of Public Instruction. MSP was developed by the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program and faculty from Montana Tech of The University of Montana and Montana State University, with support from other Montana University System Faculty.