An Introduction to Water Quality

Water is a limited and precious resource on our planet. No living thing – plant, animal or human – can survive without a clean supply. Project WET’s “Drop in the Bucket” activity is an excellent way to illustrate the relative scarcity of fresh water on Earth. View the “Drop in the Bucket” lesson plan online, […]

An Introduction to Water

Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes – one for peace and one for science. -John F. Kennedy Water (H2O) is the most common substance on Earth, covering about 75% of the surface and existing in a solar-driven flux between the gas, liquid and solid phases. Of […]

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The MSP project is funded by an ESEA, Title II Part B Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant through the Montana Office of Public Instruction. MSP was developed by the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program and faculty from Montana Tech of The University of Montana and Montana State University, with support from other Montana University System Faculty.