Insect Body Structure & Function

As discussed on the previous page, the anatomy of insects includes 3 main body segments: the (head, thorax and Abdomen), all of which are covered by a chemically complex exoskeleton. The exoskeleton has portions that are hard and a waxy outer layer that is very important because it stops water loss from the body and thus keeps insects from […]

From the Outside In

Bird bones are considered to be very strong for their weight and size, and they are also hollow. Review the following images to learn more about bird body parts, bones, and wing anatomy.   Bird bones are hollow, and it might be hard to understand how a hollow bone can be strong enough to support […]

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Bird Anatomy

Despite their amazing differences in shape, size and lifestyle, all birds have the same basic plan. However, different lifestyles have involved some distinctive variations on the central theme. Birds such as swans have more vertebrae in their necks than the short-necked parrots: swans have 25 vertebrae, parrots have 9. Necks are useful for getting your […]

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