Extension Activities

There are many opportunities to extend and expand the activities listed in this module. Several examples are listed below. Extension 1 The Great Plant Escape: From the University of Illinois Extension Service, The Great Plant Escape is an elementary plant science program for 4th and 5th grade students. Each of the lessons in this program […]

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Snowflakes: Symmetry

Snowflakes provide wonderful examples of symmetry. It is useful to engage students in examining symmetry. There are two basic types of symmetry: Rotational symmetry (also known as Radial symmetry) Reflection symmetry (also known as Bilateral, or Mirror symmetry) In rotational symmetry, you can cut the image in half in more than one direction, and the […]

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The MSP project is funded by an ESEA, Title II Part B Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant through the Montana Office of Public Instruction. MSP was developed by the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program and faculty from Montana Tech of The University of Montana and Montana State University, with support from other Montana University System Faculty.