NATURE | Behind the Scenes of “Hummingbirds” | PBS

Another great bird video from PBS and Nature. This one features hummingbirds!  

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General Pollination Syndromes

Pollination is a mutualism, or an interaction between two species that is mutually beneficial. The mutualism can be either diffuse, among lots of plant species and lots of pollinator species, or between more specific pairs of species. The floral characteristics of many species of plants allow them to attract general classes of pollinators, rather than […]

Bird Extremes

Biggest: The largest bird is the ostrich. It can grow up to 9 feet (2.7 m) tall. The ostrich also lays the largest birds’ eggs which are up to 4.5 x 7 inches (11 x 18 cm) across and weigh 3 pounds (1400 g). Largest Extinct Bird: Dromornis stirtoni which was about 10 feet (3 […]

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Nests & Eggs

Bird Incubation Period Chicken 20-22 days Ostrich 42-50 days Parakeet (budgie) 27-28 days Pigeon 14-18 days Swan 30 days Toucan 18 days Birds bear their young in hard-shelled eggs which hatch after some time. Some birds, like chickens, lay eggs each day, while others (like the maleo) may go for years between laying eggs. Birds […]

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