Water Resources

CFWEP World Water Monitoring Day Teacher Resource Guide (pdf format): Designed for high school level lessons, this short guidebook can be useful to any teacher interested in water monitoring. Provides detailed definitions of water monitoring terms, as well as local Montana examples of water quality issues.

Indicator Fact Sheet (pdf format): From World Water Monitoring Day, the fact sheet provides concise descriptions of the four parameters (temperature, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen) measured as part of WWMD.

World Water Monitoring Day Test Kit Instructions (pdf format): A downloadable version of the WWMD Test Kit instruction manual, which includes directions on how to use the kit to test for temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen.

The Water Cycle: From the USGS, this page provides detailed information about the water cycle, including excellent illustrations and graphics.

Water Monitoring Quality Assurance Plan Information: From the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, this page provides links to a variety of documents that can assist you in developing a quality assurance plan.

Common Water Measurements:From the USGS, this page provides comprehensive information about temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, hardness, and suspended sediment and how they relate to water quality.

Volunteer Water Monitoring Guidebook (pdf format): From the Montana Watercourse, this booklet provides detailed instructions for developing a plan and carrying out water monitoring.

Water Quality Primer (pdf format): From USGS, this short handout provides basic information about water quality.

A Complete Listing of Montana Water Quality Standards (pdf format).

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology’s Online Groundwater Information Center: Comprehensive information about Montana’s groundwater.

USGS Realtime Streamflow Website: Provides accurate, up-to-date measurements of streamflows around Montana.

World Water Monitoring Day Website: Information about the annual global water monitoring event, and water monitoring in general.

Wikipedia Page on the International System of Units (SI): This page provides detailed information on standard international scientific units of measurement.

Water Quality Resources from Teachers Domain: This website provides a listing of lesson plans and multimedia resources for teachers relating to water quality.

Water Monitoring Safety Tips (pdf format): A quick list of basic safety guidelines to observe when conducting water monitoring, from World Water Monitoring Day.

San Diego Water Conservation for Kids: Water Saving Tips


Video Resources

EPA Water Quality Video Contest – Winners and Honorable Mentions: In March 2009 EPA’s Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds launched a Water Quality Video Contest to inspire environmental stewardship and educate the public on ways individuals can improve water quality in their community. View contest winners and honorable mentions at this site.


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