Larva ID Tips: Dragonflies & Damselflies

Dragonfly and damselfly larvae have mouthparts with a long lower lip (labium) which is folded underneath the head when not feeding and may look like a scoop or a mask (click here for an excellent photo of a dragonfly larva with “mask” from Damselfly larvae have 3 long gills at the tip of the abdomen. Dragonfly larvae look similar, but do not have 3 long gills.

Figure 8.5: Damselfly larva. Image from URL:

Figure 8.A: Damselfly larva.
Image from URL:

Figure 8.6: Dragonfly larva. Image from URL:

Figure 8.B: Dragonfly larva.
Image from URL:

Click here to watch a YouTube video of a dragonfly emerging from the water and transforming into an adult.


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